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Ji'nan Juheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized company engaged in research and development of three oxidation and two antimony and production and sale of various antimony series products. The company belongs to the manufacturing plant with 5000 tons of antimony series product productivity, the main products are high purity three oxidation two antimony, ultra-fine three oxidation two antimony, catalytic three oxidation two antimony, anti smoke three oxidation of two antimony, compound glass clarifier and so on fourteen antimony system new products. With strong technical strength and strict scientific enterprise management rules, the factory stimulates the staff of the whole factory to work diligently and scientific research. In the production practice of antimony metallurgy, many technical patents have been invented, and different kinds of antimony series products can be provided to customers according to the different process requirements of customers.
In order to better improve our service and provide convenience for customers, our company can provide all kinds of flame retardant with antimony series products according to customer's requirements.


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