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Quality Control

Product quality control is a control work done by an enterprise to produce qualified products, provide customers satisfactory services and reduce invalid labor. The definition of quality control in China's national standard GB/T 19000:2000 is: "part of quality management is committed to meet the quality requirements".

For enterprises, quality improvement is very meaningful from scientific planning to implementation. Only through strict and scientific quality improvement planning, at the same time follow the plan to implement it, and control the process of quality improvement effectively, good results can be achieved and the development of modern enterprises can be promoted.

一、Quality process control based on customer satisfaction

The introduction of ISO9004- 4 standard clearly states: "when implementing quality system, the managers of organization should ensure that their system can promote continuous quality improvement. Striving for customer satisfaction and achieving continuous quality improvement should be the eternal goal pursued by all levels of management. This sentence points out a direction for enterprises to face increasingly fierce market competition and how to act. In order to keep a firm foothold in the market competition, the enterprise must continuously deepen the quality management and realize the continuous quality improvement based on the customer satisfaction (or service), so as to gain a sustained competitive advantage and always be invincible.

二、strengthen the awareness of quality improvement of employees

Enterprises are composed of management, design, supply, production, marketing and other departments. Errors, negligence or defects in any department may bring direct or indirect influence on the quality. Therefore, quality improvement is a whole improvement, the overall optimization, the quality improvement can not be separated from all members, the whole staff is to complete the quality. The main body of improvement is a consensus among enterprises.

三、quality cost management is the core of quality cost control.

The traditional quality cost viewpoint believes that the quality cost management is to determine a minimum quality cost point for the product. At this point, the best balance between the cost and the quality assurance value is reached. For modern enterprises, this is a great misunderstanding. Quality not only means saving, but also helps companies create profits. The correct introduction of quality cost management and the promotion of continuous quality improvement of enterprises can become a major driving force for enterprise success, and make enterprises obtain strong strategic competitive advantages, higher profitability and return on investment. From the evolution of quality cost theory, we can see that continuous quality improvement of enterprises can make the cost of enterprises continue to decline. For modern enterprises, continuous quality improvement is not a simple pursuit of product physical performance "blemish", but to make the product (or service) close to, or even exceed the expectations of the customer. To promote the continuous improvement of the quality of enterprises, we can start from the following aspects: one is to continue to study the customer's needs and constantly update the quality goal; two is to create a customer centered quality culture, to formulate a system of quality improvement strategy; and the three is to establish enterprise quality improvement and customer interaction mechanism.



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