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The expectations and descriptions of the company's future picture are the ideals and aspirations that all members of the company need to strive for. It is the driving force of value culture, indicating the direction and value of the work for all members. "Remit" is the meaning of convergence and intersection, and also has the meaning of cohesion and unity. Through scientific management and perfect mechanism, it can exert the maximum effectiveness of the team and wealth, and create value for the industry, shareholders, employees and society.
On the basis of reasonable risk control, we should actively explore, explore and innovate continuously, and actively expand the business space of internal banks, auto finance, investment and insurance, and create value for shareholders.
Create an environment that gives full play to the talents and abilities of the staff and the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect to achieve common development between employees and the company and create value for employees.
Unite love and responsibility, and actively undertake the corresponding social responsibility, promote economic development, support public welfare undertakings, and strive for social harmony and prosperity, and create value for society.

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