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Apple AirPods delivery time

AirPods is the first true wireless headset introduced by Apple Corp, which has been shipped for 6 weeks since it entered the market last December. Half a month ago, Apple's official website showed that AirPods's delivery time was reduced to 4 weeks, and now the product has been shipped for 2-3 weeks.
Productivity upgrade again: Apple AirPods delivery time shortened to 2-3 weeks
As Cook took over after the launch of the new CEO, AirPods is considered to be the most innovative apple in recent years, the most sense of science and technology products, since its inception, has been unable to reach the balance of supply and demand, which is on the other hand reflects the difficulty of production and popularity. Obviously, shorter delivery times show that the AirPods headset has improved its capacity.
In addition to improving productivity, Apple released in this year's WWDC Conference on iOS 11 operating system in the interaction between the AirPods and the user experience was changed to allow users to control a new option to adjust AirPods double contact action, adding control gestures more, also can be divided into two different two different AirPods settings contact action.

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