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What items should be paid attention to when using an explosion-proof acoustooptic alarm?

JDSG-2 explosion-proof fire acousto-optic alarm (the alarm) is a non encoding type alarm, suitable for installation in C II (B II) containing explosive gas environment T6 temperature group, when the production of the scene of an accident or fire emergency, fire alarm control signals sent by the startup sound and light alarm circuit and sound light alarm signal to complete alarm. The alarm can also be used in conjunction with the manual alarm button, so as to achieve the purpose of simple sound and light alarm. The alarm can be used in conjunction with the fire alarm controller of any manufacturer at home and abroad. The alarm adopts super bright LED luminous tube, which is clear and visible at 360 degrees.
Matters needing attention:
1, strictly prohibited in flammable and explosive places live disassembly.
2, do not damage the flameproof surface while installing and keep it clean. The fastening screws of the flameproof surface should be uniformly tightened, and pay attention to the flameproof surfaces.
3, long-term use to regularly detect the performance of the alarm is intact, such as failure or damage to professional personnel to repair.

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