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Cloud services: Internet based management of industrial oil mist purification equipment

As the world's leading industrial oil mist purification solutions provider, has been in the application of push network technology in the field of animal oil mist purification equipment industry, aiming to create an easy to use, can achieve access to the cloud industrial oil mist purification equipment management platform of IOT, provide equipment management remote collaboration service for users.
A new generation of intelligent digital power as the basis, through networking technology that can automatically collect and record industry oil mist purifying equipment and various operating data uploaded to the cloud server, and then by the group of experts on the analysis of the data, then analysis results will be shared to users, and gives suggestion for operation, when necessary, can take the initiative door-to-door service, to help users solve the problem.
In order to facilitate customers to understand and manage the real-time industrial oil mist purification equipment, customers can not only pay attention to the equipment operation whenever and wherever possible, you can also enjoy the reminder and advice from the company's operation, such as equipment maintenance knowledge, equipment cleaning time reminder, equipment service history inquiries.

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